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Hurricane Sandy 2nd Largest Recorded Since 1988

Hurricane Sandy is now the 2nd largest tropical cyclone in the Atlantic since 1988, tied with Hurricane Lili of 1996. Sandy’s tropical storm-force winds now extend 450 nautical miles from the center on the northeast side of the hurricane. This is a very, very large storm, and I suspect the #1 spot (Olga of 2001) is in jeopardy, as well.
Credit: NOAA
Credit: NOAA

Tropical Storm Sandy formed on Oct. 22, 2012, in the Caribbean Sea, south of Jamaica. It strengthened into a category one hurricane on Oct. 24 before making landfall in Jamaica.

On Oct. 27, having killed more than 40 people in the Caribbean, Sandy was downgraded to a tropical storm, but remains a serious threat to the US East Coast, where it is expected to hit on Oct 29.

It is forcast to dump 2 feet of snow or more and cause major flooding, power outages and strong winds. It is forcast also to merge with a cold front a become a Super Storm. Sandy is being called “Frankenstorm” because of its timing with Halloween.