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DEMS MOVE TO BAN GUNS: ‘Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time’ [VIDEO]

Feinstein: ‘The Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time’ UPDATE: Check out the full list of guns Feinstein’s legislation would ban BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff January 24, 2013 11:35 am Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) laid out the conditions of her proposed assault weapons ban Thursday, saying it would … Continue reading

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Muslim Brotherhood Group To Connect All U.S. Schools

Partners with State, Education departments on international initiative JERUSALEM – A Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization has partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department to facilitate an online program aiming to connect all U.S. schools with classrooms abroad by 2016. Vartan Gregorian, a board member of the organization, the Qatar Foundation International, was … Continue reading