Manufactured Louisiana Flood 08-14-16
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Manufactured Louisiana Flood 08-14-16

  It’s irresponsible for governors and state officials who declare a #FLashFlood State of Emergency, not to understand how the devastating flood happened in the first place. Not when the facts, evidence, and “1,000 year” rain source are right here in front of them. Every week a governor in this country (or somewhere in the … Continue reading

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Greg Evensen — The Final Race, The Final Lap for Your Freedom

With massive troop movements across America, combat training by police agencies across the country, Russian and foreign troops in night time airborne maneuvers out west, arson fires set by rogue agents in six states, 1.7 billion rounds of ammo under order to government agencies, some of which have no law enforcement mission, (NASA, NOAA, Social … Continue reading